Public Engagement & Urban Policy Development

We offer a range of consulting services, all designed to help bridge the gap between stakeholders and policy. Whether you're looking for a small focus group or a complete series of public workshops, we have you covered. Our services are available a la carte so you can get precisely what you need.

“OfCity Consulting helped our organization reconnect with our members. In developing our strategic action plan they brought together all types of information to help refocus our efforts on sustainability policies, while finding deeper ways to strengthen relationships with our stakeholders.”
         --Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Reserve 

"The Heights Merchants Association sought a better understanding of our local economy and how urban planning decisions impact our neighbourhood commercial district's ability to perform and compete against bigger players. Katelyn had an extraordinary ability to see the big picture with all of its complexity and approach our questions by looking at them from multiple angles. She also knew where to seek the right information to help us begin to problem solve. Her interest in policy and land use economics was very evident in the enthusiasm she put to the task."
         -- Isabel Kolic, Executive Director Heights Merchant's Association

we believe in a unique and customized consulting experience for each and every client.

At OfCity Consulting we value the nuances of each and every community we work with - be it geographically based or interest based. We facilitate public engagement processes using methods that author a deeper understanding of a community’s needs, and better align policy decisions with public opinion. We deliver custom solutions, tailored to you--your city, your organization, your culture, your one-of-a-kind challenges.

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