Public Engagement & Urban Policy Development

Alex Jürgen Thumm, Masters of Urban Studies
​Transportation and Housing Policy and Planning Consultant  
The intersections of mobility and land use drive Alex's passion for collaborative, evidence-based planning. His work on rail transport, parking, infill housing, and collaborative planning models draws on data and theory to devise strategic frameworks and pragmatic solutions. He is versed in urban policy issues such as short-term rentals, having engaged the community and designed regulations for the City of Nelson. Alex is fluent in French and German and is near completing his Masters in Urban Studies at Simon Fraser University, following an honours degree in Comparative Politics.

Andrew T. Jones, Masters of Urban Studies
​Land Development Specialist 

Andrew is our Land Development Specialist. He has broad experience in real estate with expertise in valuation and development consulting. He has worked with a number of public and private sector clients to determine project feasibility and highest and best use analysis for real property around Metro Vancouver and rural BC. With a background in urban design and planning, Andrew looks to merge best practices in city building with strong investment and development strategies. His passion is in championing equitable and sustainable real estate development. 

A Collective of Consultants 

OfCity Consulting is a unique collective of consultants. All of our consultants have a strong foundation of knowledge in urban policy research, public engagement and community consultation. ​Individually, each team member has their own set of qualifications that, together, form a mosaic of complementary skills.

For each project we assemble a team to fulfill our client's needs. This collective offers an adaptive, supportive and essential structure for the success of our diverse initiatives.

Landon Hoyt, Masters of Urban Studies
Sustainability and Urban Economic Initiatives Consultant  
Landon is our Sustainability and Urban Economic Initiatives Consultant. He brings both academic and professional experience in working with Main Street Districts, Business Improvement Associations, and sustainability policy. His thesis research looked at the Granville Street Mall in Downtown Vancouver, and the different uses imposed on the street. Landon has the skill set and ability to develop social and economic capital, while progressing environmental initiatives. 

Lara Croll, Masters of Public Policy 
Public Policy Researcher 
Lara is our Public Policy Researcher. As a graduate of Simon Fraser University’s School of Public Policy her academic research focused on housing affordability for low-income families. She is interested in how policy and planning shapes the health, happiness, and well-being of urbanites. Lara’s interdisciplinary background in economics and public policy shines through in her love of data analysis, survey design, and infographics, while her customer service background serves her well in conference and event planning.

​​​George P.R. Benson, Masters of Urban Planning
Urban Planning Consultant 

​George is our Urban Planning Consultant. He has extensive experience with public engagement in both domestic and international contexts. With seven years of public engagement experience, from town meetings to international negotiations, George brings a wealth of knowledge to the table when it comes to facilitation and communication. Working in non-profits, with municipal and national governments, George has sat at both sides of the negotiating table and understands the difficulty and also the promise of compromise and negotiation. George's focus is consultation services on governance, planning, and sustainability issues. He is currently completing his Masters in Urban Planning at UBC. 

Sophie Fung, Masters of Urban Studies
Community Engagement Manager 

Sophie is our Community Engagement Manager. Currently has a Masters in Urban Studies degree from SFU. Sophie brings her experience and passion for community empowerment in municipal decision-making processes. Her skills focus on facilitation, workshop design, outreach, and engagement, specifically with youth and children. Sophie has worked closely with young people to develop guiding principles for meaningful engagement around the development of Official Community Plans. She has worked on a number of community projects with key stakeholders as a civil servant in both the municipal and federal level. 

Katelyn McDougall, Masters of Urban Studies
Principal and Managing Director 
Katelyn is the Principal and Managing Director at OfCity Consulting. She has managed projects for PIBC, the City of Nanaimo, Island Timberlands, the ACRD, the City of Parksville, the Burnaby Heights Merchants' Association, and the City of Vancouver's Mayor's Office. Katelyn is a strategic planner by nature, with the ability to develop social, cultural and economic capital through community engagement. She has been involved with several different government and non-for profit organizations, holding executive positions with various boards.​ Currently she is completing her Masters in Urban Studies at SFU.